Amenity Solutions offers expert commercial pool and amenity build and repair services throughout the greater Austin area. Over the last decade, we are proud to have built a reputation by becoming a single source for all your build and repair needs.
We understand and empathize with the HOA’s facility and property managers because we know it can be frustrating to find the right resources to provide proper expertise and care of amenities. We understand that HOAs are inheriting a big investment, beyond just a pool or playscape. We are aware of, and have experience with, the long-term effects that ignoring big issues can cause. When an improper solution is used to temporarily band-aid the problem, it typically results in higher repair costs in the long run. By investing in a company that truly understands the engineering and science behind your property assets, your amenity will be maintained as a holistic, integrated system, protecting not only the safety but also the sustainability of your property.



We understand that the strength of our success lies not in business transactions, but in our commitment to building meaningful relationships with each client we serve. We will deliver on our promises by keeping the needs and timelines of our clients at the forefront of our efforts.



We take pride in quality workmanship, quality people, and quality materials. Utilizing the latest technologies, our employees can do their work effectively, efficiently, and reliably. Our team strives to provide the best quality, value, and overall experience throughout all project stages.



We are professionals committed to saving our clients money through cost-effective solutions and value-added services. We provide innovative solutions because our integrated knowledge of construction, design, and maintenance allows us to be experts in all areas of your amenity needs.


Most companies are hired for jobs but aren’t able to meet all the specialized needs of your custom amenity, forcing you to find short-term solutions from a number of different companies. We want to be your one source provider. From construction and design, to the long-term service and upkeep of your unique property, Amenity Solutions is your all-encompassing one-stop solutions team.
We go beyond cosmetic repairs by understanding the engineering and science behind each feature of our unique amenity design. Therefore, we can recognize problems that arise below the surface in order to proactively mitigate solutions before they cause unwarranted and expensive damage. We are more than familiar with environmental factors such as soil make up, erosion, water pressure, and weather conditions that could interfere with the construction, upkeep and preservation of your amenity.
Our team is specialized in customized quality service and prepared to educate each of our clients on their specific amenity needs — and not just with your pool! We also take care of decks, outdoor kitchens, playgrounds, splash pads and so much more.
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